"Escapes" - An Endless Game Cruising Through Shapes!

A Never Ending Glow Game With 3.5 Million+ Unique Puzzling AI Generated Shapes To Escape!

  • A Casual Arcade Game with Puzzling shapes struggling to survive the barriers and need your Help to fit and match the barrier
  • Swipe the screen to match the angle of the barrier to the angle of the shape to score
  • Move smartly and Swiftly to match the shape to the barrier
  • Achieve the zen mode for auto match of few shapes and win Gold
  • Survive the Maximum Barriers to place yourself as a "Titan" in the Global Leaderboard

  • "Healing Service" to fix the tampered glass
  • "Snail Motion" to gain time for rotating and fixing the shape

What To Test?

  • UI (User Interface)
  • Usability
  • Game Mechanics
  • Game Play


An Android Smart Phone or Tablet

Download Now!

Beta Test Now! Escapes Beta Link

Elegant UI

Home Menu

Main Menu

Escape Shapes

Escape Shape

Rotate Glass Stencil To Escape Shapes

AI Shapes

Escape Shape

Escape 3.5 million+ Unique Puzzling AI Generated Shapes

Zen Mode...

Zen Mode - Auto Escape

Escape 10 Shapes In A Row For Zen Mode. Zen Mode Auto Fits The Shapes

Snail Motion!

Escape Shape

Slow Down The Motion Of The Rotator Stencil By tapping "Snail" Icon

Healing Service!

Healing Service To Fix Broken Glass

Heal Glass by using "+" Heal Icon

Fixed Stencil!

Healed Glass To Escape Shape Again

Glass Fixed After Using "+" Service


Continue or Replay Menu

Replay or Continue Menu